Making the Switch ~ Tales of the Hinge Release

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Practice & Tips, Uncategorized

So my dad and I decided to make the switch to the hinge realease. This can be a very difficult change to make. My dad created this practice tool with a piece of wood and a string. Take a look at the picture below. Before we even bought my hinge release we would walk around the house pracicing on this with my dad’s release.


When we finally made the step to buy our hinge releases, we started out just practing drawing without letting the string go. Then we got a private lesson from my archery coach and he gave us some more tips (more on that later in the post).

Because we started using these in winter, I couldn’t go outside and pratice as much. It was frustrating not to be able to practice at home. To solve this problme, my dad and I bulit our own target with carpet that we layered together and bound tightly. After we made it, we set it up in my room so I can stand about 5 yards away and pratice drawing and realeasing. Below is a picture of it set up in my room. Yes, it’s right beside my bed.


I am doing this blog to help pepole that live in the city but love achery. I will share some tips you might find helpful if you decide to switch to the hinge release. I hope this inspires young kids to never give up even though it may be hard. Here are two helpful tips:

1. when you get to full draw you can make a fist which will pull the realease back and it will go off.

2. Another way is to get to full draw and relax your pointer finger but keep your other fingers the same and it will pull the realease and will go off.


I hope you guys enjoyed and learned from these tips.

  1. John Winker says:

    This is Great!! What a wonderful way to record and share your experiences!


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