Hunting Adventures in Illinois

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Hunting, Uncategorized



The hunting trip to Illinois was a long haul, but it was exciting because we passed through Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and even Tennessee. Finally, after a tiring 11 hours on the road, we arrived late on a Sunday evening. Since it was extremely late, we decided not to hunt the first night. At sunrise, we headed out on foot to hunt from a blind. It was my first time hunting from a blind. Located on the edge of a soy bean field, we had a lot in our field of vision. The deer movement was slow, but as a cold front approached, we saw several bucks chasing a doe about 300 yards out. Unfortunately, when you are bow hunting, that isn’t close enough to make a shot.

Many hungry deer were lurking behind us on the edge of the field. Chilly winds and a cold front really had them moving,but we never had one close enough to take a shot. Even though we were exhausted from 3 days of hunting ,we hunted our last night in hopes of getting that big buck we dreamed about. Approaching slowly a 145 inch deer showed himself on the edge of a field. We rattled and grunted like crazy to call him closer but he never came in. Disappointed we left Illinois without a prized buck, but not without great memories. The way home was even longer but we are looking forward to our next adventure.


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