3D Archery Tournament Time

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Uncategorized


On Sunday I participated in a 3D archery tournament. 3D archery is shooting at life-size animals made out of foam. Like golf , you play 21 rounds in groups of 5 people until you complete the course and scores are added up. What makes it difficult is you don’t know the yardage.

To practice this my dad will set up stakes with a 10 yard difference to help me gauge the yardage more accurately. Scoring isn’t complicated. There is a 12 ,10 , and 8 point ring with 5 points if you hit the animal and 0 if you miss. Fortunately, there is a bonus target with a 14 ring, However the 14 ring is only about the size of your eye. I enjoy 3D archery because of the fellowship, friends and challenge.

They still haven’t posted my score from Sunday, but I’m hoping I did well in my age group and maybe even won half the pot of the $5 money shoot my dad entered me in. You can see the dragon I shot at for that in the picture at the top.


  1. Aunt Joy says:

    Hope you scored high!


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