Top 10 Things I Learned . . .

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Competitions

This weekend I participated in my first Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) competition.  It was an exciting weekend. These are the top ten things I learned:


10. Archers almost always hit the target, but sometimes it’s not their target. Opps!

9. Stabilizers come in ALL shapes and sizes. I think I saw one the size of my uncle.

8. There are some who want a judge to view EVERY single hit before its scored.

7. Sometimes you have to travel for hours to the middle of nowhere to be in a tournament.

6. Ten seconds to switch lines only seems like 1!

But Seriously . . .

5. Archery is an addicting sport! I love it!

4. You can learn a lot by watching others who have been competing longer.

3. There are some fierce competitors, but most everyone is kind and supportive.

2. Shooting 60 arrows back to back with only a 15 minute break may sound like a lot, but it flies by.

1. My first competition was exciting and made me a little nervous, but I’ll be more prepared next time.


  1. John Winker says:

    You did great this weekend and Raleigh Revolution is proud to have you on the team! Everybody shoots the wrong target eventually, it happens, good work on continuing to focus and make good shots on the rest of your game!! I love reading your Blog keep’m coming.


  2. Culli, GREAT work on your archery, and your blog! I look forward to following your progress in both. I ran across this video, and I immediately thought of you. I think you’ll be interested to see it. Let me know what you think.

    Oh yes, and Adrianne says be sure to look at the pictures of ancient archers in the video. This will help you in your history class, too.


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