Texas Hog Hunt

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Hunting


No, I didn’t kill that one! But I had to get my picture taken with a 450 lb. hog.

In June of last year, my family and I flew to Texas to see my cousin graduate from high school, but my dad and I fit in a hog hunt while we were there. At that time, I wasn’t pulling enough weight to shot a hog with my bow so I used a 243 rifle.

Living in a utility shed for 3 days isn’t easy. In the middle of the night when you had to use the bathroom, you just walked out on the front deck to pee. One night, I walked out to pee and their was a goat 5 yards from me. That’s when I figured out who had been knocking on the door all night.


Sweating with excitement (and Texas heat) we were eager to get into the blind. On the first day of the hunt I missed a small hog, but before that we had some excitement. As we sat and waited in the blind, we saw elk, Fallow deer, Ram and Bison. It was so perfect, it almost seemed planned. Just like a circus parade, but none of the other hunters saw what we did.

Excited about the second day of hunting, the ranch guide told us we should go down to the “honey hole” to hunt. Waiting in the blind wasn’t to bad. After about an hour and a half my dad heard a rustling of leaves. Locating the hog with my scope, I prepare to take the shot. I’m shaking and my heart is racing with excitement. Bam! The shot echoed through the woods. I dropped him in his tracks. My dad whispered, “YOU GOT HIM, CULLI! YOU GOT HIM!”

While celebrating the kill, my dad sees another hog. Checking the range finder I see the hog coming straight at me. At 10 yards, my dad takes the shot and puts an arrow right between the eyes. While looking at my dad’s hog, I see a pack of at least 120 wild hogs running past us on our left so we rush back into our blind. Pulling out his cellphone to record the event, my dad and I sat in amazement. It was a great trip. I’m ready to go back.



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