Dixie Deer Classic 2015

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Competitions

culli This past weekend, I attended the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh at NC State Fairgrounds. Originally, this event started to show off the world’s biggest bucks that had been claimed by hunters. Now it’s an outdoorsman’s heaven because you can explore the many booths full of bows, guns, hunting gear, knives, and outfitters.  There is even an indoor archery tournaments. Shooting this competition was exciting because it was an indoor competition with 15 targets that included wild turkey, boar and deer (all fake, of course). Inside the arena, you shoot three foam targets at a time before the judges down to pull your arrows and write down your score. Then you continue on until you have shot all 15 targets. The most difficult target was a turkey in full strut that was backwards. Wondering how I would hit the small 12-ring, I put my pin right in the middle of the 12 ring, pulled back, released and BAM! Almost hitting the 12, I got the 10 ring and was pleased because it was the most difficult target. I felt like the easiest target was a doe around the neighborhood of 10-12 yards. Carefully aiming, I settled my pin in the 12 ring. Feeling good about my round, I still had to wait until Sunday evening to see how I ranked among all the other archers in my age group (Cub Class, ages 9-11). Nervously scraping my hand through my hair as we arrived at the awards ceremony I was relieved when I saw my name next to the first place trophy (Score 152). All my preparation, practice and focus had paid off for this competition, but there is always another competition around the corner. In the meantime, I’m working on keeping my hips straight, bending my elbow and staying with the shot.

  1. John Winker says:

    Great work Culli!!


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