Q & A With Culli

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


Over the past several months I’ve met a lot a great people at tournaments and competitions. Many of them have asked me (or my parents) a lot of questions about how I got started in archery and what I do to practice, etc. I’ve answered those questions and a few more for this Q&A blog.

1. How did you become interested in archery?

After watching people bow hunt on the Sportsman Channel, I wanted to try it. My favorite show is YoungWild. I really look up to Lincoln Tapp and I’m thankful he started his show. I hope to have my own show about bow hunting and target archery one day.

2. What kind of bow do you have? Who teaches/trains you?

I have a Mission by Matthews bow. My first coach was my dad and he still helps me out a lot. He bow hunted when he was a young boy. Now,  I have a coach from NC Hunter’s Supply (NCHS). Coach John is patient and has a lot of great skills.

3. How many hours to you practice a week?

On average, I practice anywhere from 3-6 hours a week. Practicing at NCHS and at home on my indoor targets give me a good variety.

4. How/why did you decide to write a blog? Do you write it yourself?

My mom has a blog so she suggested I start one about archery. I do write it, but I’m homeschooled and we focus a lot on writing fundamentals. We use my blog as my writing and grammar work in school and then post it after we have worked through it from the rough draft to final copy. It’s a lot of work.

5. What is your dream hunt?

My dream hunt is to go on a Dall Sheep hunt in the Yukon. Hunting in the mountains looks amazing.

6. You are only 9 years old, do you see yourself sticking with archery for the long haul?

Yes, I love how you can do it year round and it’s just straight up fun!

7. What advice would you give other kids who are just starting out in archery?

Take your time, don’t rush your shots. Finding a great coach is really important. It takes time. Don’t get discouraged and practice, practice, practice!

8. Do you have anything else you do to stay in shape for shooting hundreds of arrows in a tournament weekend?

Practicing will help you build up your muscles and will make your shot more accurate. When I first started (and wanted to increase my draw weight) I used a stretchy exercise band and 5 lb. weights to build up my arm muscles. I also play a lot of basketball, football and golf. Staying active is key.


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