Gobbler Season

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Hunting, Practice & Tips

This is the sight I hope to see this weekend as I prepare to go turkey hunting for the first time. I know it will be a lot more challenging to get one with my bow, but that’s my goal. My dad got a youth pass for me to go this weekend and I’m so excited that I’m finding it difficult to think about anything else. I’ve been preparing for a few weeks by doing several things to help me accomplish my goal of getting a turkey this season.

First, we had to a do a little shopping. We didn’t have any turkey calls or decoys and although my dad can do a great turkey call with his mouth, I can’t. I’ve been practicing with two different calls we bought at a local hunting store. After listening to different turkey calls on this great iPad app we found called Turkey Callin, I practice with my mouth call and the box call.

I’ve also been practicing shooting my bow while sitting in my blind. This is new for me because shooting my bow from a seated position is not what I normally do. I set my blind in the driveway and shoot at my 3D turkey target ranging from 20-25 yards.

Finally, I’ve been reading many magazines articles about turkey behavior, shot placement and how to get close to them without being noticed since they have extremely good eye sight.

I”m hoping that all this research and practice will pay off and I will be able to harvest my first turkey this year. Stay tuned for next week’s blog where I’ll fill you in on my turkey adventures.



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