A Cold and Wet 3D Day

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Competitions, Uncategorized

Last Sunday my Dad and I got up before the sun to head out for a 3D archery tournament. To my surprise, I was able to shot alongside a good friend and fellow archer. Antonio and I are the same age and skill level which makes for a fun and competitive friendship. Fortunately, we often have the opportunity to shoot along side one another in many tournaments. This is a unique and special friendship because we not only encourage one another, but we push each other to step outside our comfort zones which makes us better archers. It’s my hope that everyone (in any sport) has someone that challenges you to push the limits of your abilities.

On Sunday, Antonio and I were neck and neck throughout the day. Each target offering a new challenge and obstacle to defeat. Talking bows, favorite archers and how incredibly cold it was throughout the day we enjoyed every minute knowing that in the end only one of us would go home the victor.

It was so close all day, it literally came down to the last target. Antonio was in the lead by 1 point and my nerves were firing up like lightning in a thunderstorm. After talking out a strategy among us, I decided to go for the 12 ring. If I shot it successfully, then I would win by 2 points unless Antonio shot the 14 ring (which is super tiny and in the top left of the target) to tie up the score.

Slowly, I pull back my Matthews bow and as I take aim at the target my release lets the arrow go smoothly. Due to distance and weather conditions we aren’t certain I hit the 12 ring, but we knew it was close. Faced with a big decision, Antonio decides to go for the 14-ring. He draws his bow and lets down. He can’t see the 14-ring because of the distance. He draws and lets down three times before finally deciding to just go for the 12-ring. He draws and as the arrow hit the target. He makes the 12-ring!

We head to the target to confirm the scores. Approaching the target my adrenaline starts to race. When I take a look, I see that I hit the 12 ring just barely! Although I ended up barely winning by 2 points this time around, I know that with a friend and competitor who is such a skilled archer that may not always be the case.

Here’s to friendship, archery and fun!

Until next time . . . . . .


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