Where is Lady Luck?

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Hunting


When you are cold, wet and tired . . . but still stalking!

Luckily, I was able to spend last weekend with my grandparents in Coleridge, NC. Unlike the city, they live where they are able to have lots of land, cows, horses and plenty of wild turkey that roam their yard. Off on a guy’s weekend (and my mom speaking at a conference), my dad left me to stalk alone in great outdoors (or at least in my grandparents woods). Friday, I didn’t hear or see anything. It was as if turkeys and gobbling had been outlawed. Discouraged, I head back to the house to hang out with cousins, fish and help my grandparents. I knew that there was always Saturday morning. Surprised, after hearing nothing that day the before, I walked into the woods and it was alive with turkeys, gobbles and activity. Fortunately, I had my Sitka camouflage coat and pants because the weather was cold and rainy. It was wasn’t the perfect day for a hunter, but the turkeys didn’t seem to mind the weather at all. My heart racing, I pulled out my mouth calls and began try to call them closer. After ten minutes, the gobbles ceased. Disappointed, I headed off to another field on their land and listened carefully. Beginning to hear gobbles again, I started scanning the field for turkeys. Spotting the top of a wild turkey hidden partially behind a hill in the field, my heart began to race. Getting down on my stomach and belly crawling 30 feet to pine trees for cover, I attempted to sneak up on the turkey hoping the pine trees would cover my entry. As I approached where the turkey was last scene, I found the turkey was gone and never saw him again. “I blew it!” I thought to myself. “No turkey this year!” Oh well, praying 2016 will bring lady luck and a great wild turkey my way. . . . .

This weekend I heading to Big Buck for a field archery competition. I hope to have lots of exciting details to share from that event next week. Thanks for reading, Culli


I would like to give a BIG shout out to Sitka gear, Matthews SoloCam and Easton arrows. I couldn’t do it without the best gear.



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