Big Buck Archery

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Competitions, Uncategorized

On Saturday I was in Stoneville, NC at Big Buck Archery for my first field archery competition.  Big Buck is new archery field that promised to maximize the terrain when they developed the course. Completing this mission, the 24-target course lived up to all they had promised. The picture below shows me aiming at my least favorite target on the course.  As I scoped out the target and got in place my stomach was turning. This was by far the most intimidating of any target I had ever shot. Pulling back on my hinge release at such an extreme elevation delays the release from firing as it usually does. Loving a challenge, I successfully took down this target (even with crackling in my back).


My friend Antonio and I had a great time competing against each other. Stretching ourselves past the usual 20 yards, the picture below shows us getting ready to take on a target 30 yards out. Thankfully, I had taken some practice shots from 50 yards before the second round.


Thinking it might pour any minute, we made it through the day with overcast skies and lots of ticks. I didn’t come out on top this time, Antonio took the lead after I shot at the wrong target and lost five points. Extremely disappointed, I tried to stay focused for the rest of the tournament. Focusing on the positive, I reminded myself after shooting 112 arrows over 6 hours I had gotten a lot of practice and was finally able to participate in my first field archery competition. I can hardly wait for the next one.


(from left: Tom, Culli, Antonio, Coach John)

On this target Coach John, Antonio and I all shot perfect scores.


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