NFAA Field Archery Southeastern Regionals

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Competitions

culli7First, let me apologize for not blogging recently, but it’s summer vacation and I like to take advantage of that! So until school starts again you won’t see weekly posts (because my mom makes it part of my school) but I will blog about my field archery adventures and lessons learned as they come up. I’m headed in Pennsylvania in July for NFAA Nationals so stay tuned.

This past weekend I took a break from our regularly scheduled beach trip (and lots of fishing) to attend the NFAA Field Archery Southeastern Regional Championship at Big Buck Archery in Stoneville, NC. I admit it was difficult to leave the beach, but it was worth the drive and missing two days of fishing.

Grueling conditions stretched us all to the limit. Heat indexes of over 100 degrees and an extra supply of bugs didn’t make the days go by faster, but we made the best of it. Starting early on Saturday, I decided to share my lucky feather with my fellow archers so I rubbed all their equipment with the feather before we began.


Lucky Feather Back Story: I found a blue jay feather at an archery tournament a few months ago and rubbed my bow down with it for fun, but at the next target I shot 4 x’s and after that it became my lucky feather.  

Going into the tournament my Dad and I knew there was a good chance I could break the state record based on my practice round scores going into the tournament. Day one consisted of a field round (112 arrows) followed by 14 animal targets in the afternoon. Finishing the field round at 536 (out of 560 total points) was strong enough to put me the lead at the tournament and break the field round record of 526 previously set in 2009. It was a scorching hot day, but a great one after wrapping up the evening at dinner with friends.


Day two was a hunter round (112 arrows). Quickly, you realize that the game field archery is as much about endurance and mental focus as it is accuracy. Walking all day from target to target in the heat while traversing steep terrain (which Big Buck is known for) and swatting off bugs can take its toll on any archer. This became clear on target nine when I had a misfire and missed the target completely. Discouraged and disappointed I had to step away for a few moments to clear my head so the frustration didn’t get the better of me and control my next few targets. Overcoming the negative self talk is very difficult, but necessary. When I returned after the misfire I hit seven 20’s (perfect scores) in a row and finished day two with a score of 533 which was enough to top the hunter state record by 6 points.

Overall, I realized to focus and do my very best on each individual target and the scores work themselves out. Learning to keep out the negative thoughts is hard, but is vital to continued success.




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