NFAA National Championship, PA

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Competitions


My family and I headed to Pennsylvania for the NFAA National Championships July 23rd. Coach John, Leslie, Elizabeth and I were all there representing the Raleigh Revolution team. Beautiful weather and a great team made the three-day tournament fly by. Shooting a 540 on the first day for the field round was a great start. Thankfully, the trend continued the second day on the hunter round where I finished with a 542. However, the animal round on the third day brought challenges. Forgetting to change my sight on two targets dropped me from 4th place to 5th, but I learned some valuable lessons that I will take with me to future tournaments. I’m thankful to have met some other awesome archers my age who were encouraging and supportive. It was a great way to spend my 10th birthday and I had the opportunity to cross off some of my other bucket list items. Like . . . .

IMG_4520 IMG_4524

Meet, get autographs and watch famous archers like Roger Willet, Jr. and watch Jesse Broadwater shoot.


Plus, I finally got to visit the place my Dad and I spend most of our extra money! The best archery store in the world.



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