Big Buck Once Again

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Competitions, Uncategorized


culli3On August 5, 2015 my Dad and I hit the road to Big Buck for the third time this summer. They were hosting the NC National Field Archery Association State Championship. When we arrived, everyone was wildly slinging arrows on the massive practice range. Excited to shoot my first competition with my new Matthews Chill SDX, I shot some arrow so make sure I was loose and my archery equipment was effectively tuned.  When we began the course, the cool weather soothed my anxious nerves. Since it was cooler, it was much better than the last time I had been because it was a blazing 110 degrees in early June. After shooting half a round, we stopped to have some mouth-watering lunch. Honestly, I’m not just saying that, the grilled chicken was cooked to perfection. Sadly, dropping mine in the dirt, I had to share with my Dad. Having set a goal of 550 for myself, Saturday ended with a bit of disappointment.  Although I shot a personal best with a score of 549 at the end of first day, I was ready to come back Sunday with fresh ambition.

Sunday started off with overcast skies, but warmer temperatures. Because weather can greatly effect your performance, it’s vital to stay focused. Incredibly steep hilly terrain and lots of challenging targets make up the Big Buck course.  Staying focused under those conditions takes immense focus and is physically exhausting. After diligently shooting around 224 arrows in two worthwhile days, I finished strong with a 552 for my final score and beating my own State record.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my performance at Big Buck. I know my efficient Matthews Chill SDX helped me increase my performance in such a short time, but nothing can take the place of daily practice. Although it doesn’t happen every time, feeling a sense of accomplishment after a tournament is a wonderful thing.  So I’m grateful the weekend at Big Buck left me incredibly satisfied.





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