The Great Dove Hunt

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Hunting

Dove Pic

Opening day of dove season finally arrived last weekend. Bryan, who is my dad’s friend, was kind enough to let us hunt his beautiful land. Waking up at 4:45 a.m., I was excited to see what the day held in store for us. Anxiously arriving after a 45 minute drive, we quickly set up under a power line in the middle of a spacious field. Pouring in like mosquitoes, the doves were all over us. My dad, who is a great shot, scored his limit of fifteen doves in an hour and a half. Since we ran out of time, I had just under my limit with thirteen. We didn’t hunt on Sunday, but went back on Monday for some Labor Day dove. Although the doves were not as active as they had been on Saturday, I shot a whopping eleven. After cleaning up later that night, we had our tasty birds for family dinner. Carefully, my dad expertly prepared some of them with tangy BBQ sauce and others with creamy cream cheese and grilled jalapeno. They were delicious! Dove hunting was just what I needed after a long season of just fishing to get me in the rhythm for bow season. So, no more dove hunting for me because bow season comes in Saturday and deer are my main target from here on out! More exciting details on that to come I hope!




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