Preparation is Key

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Hunting, Practice & Tips


As most of you know, last Saturday was opening day of North Carolina bow season. Sadly, I couldn’t go. Opening day came in a flash. My dad and I were not adequately prepared because my former hunting bow sold later than expected and I’m still waiting for my new camo Matthews Chill SDX to arrive. Since my other bow and sight are set for shooting indoor archery, I didn’t want to fiddle with it or I would have used that one. Along with not having my hunting bow, my dad and I had not spread any deer corn or put any tree stands up at the local land we hunt. This is a must! Being prepared is vital in the sport of deer hunting if you desire to be successful.

As we set out to the local land, which our friend Mr. Kurt owns, the weather had cooled off quite a bit from the anticipated cold front. I could feel fall in the air. Quickly hopping out of the truck I could hear the soft rustle of wings fluttering as the birds took off from the tree tops. Grabbing the corn and wildly spreading it I would smell the earthly soil beneath our feet. When I imagine the deer coming to nibble on the corn in the early a.m. or late evening I wonder how it must taste to them. I enjoy buttery corn on the cob too, but not dry grainy corn. Last but not least, my dad and I pulled the metal tree stand up the ladder. I could feel the cool metal in my hand as I passed it up to my dad for the perfect placement. I’m excited about the brush covered spot we chose and now that we have put everything in place and had time to strategically prepare, I’m confident we will have a successful 2015 deer season.


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