The Element of Disappointment

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Hunting

IMG_5083Just settling in Friday evening

We started Friday evening with high hopes of finally harvesting my first deer. Getting
into the stand was exciting. Watching and waiting for an hour and a half, we scanned and
suddenly spotted a small four point buck. After determinedly running off, as if he was in hot
pursuit of a doe, the buck showed up again just twenty minutes later. This time, he was
standing just fifteen yards to my right. Patiently waiting for just the right shot, I watched the
relaxed buck timidly back up just a few feet.

My dad quietly whispered, “When he gives you a shot, take it!”
As if on command, I was presented with a clear shot at about seventeen yards. Taking
aim and slowly squeezing the release trigger, I watched the arrow fly sharply through the air.
The shot was a little higher than I wanted, but it was a shot in the vitals. Stunned, the young
buck jumped and ran off into the dense woods. Climbing down quietly from the deer stand we
discussed the shot and begin to look for a blood trail. After two disappointing hours of
searching for any drops of blood, my dad discovered a leaf with a fresh splatter of blood. With
darkness setting in, we decided to pause our search and return in the morning.

After a sleepless night and a lot of prayer we headed back out nervously to continue our
search. Crossing creeks, rocky terrain and hundreds of spiny tree limbs only brought on more
frustration and disappointment. We couldn’t find any more traces of blood. I sadly picked up
the one leaf we had found that had given me so much hope and tucked it into my pocket.
Heartbroken, I looked up at my dad and he explained, “There’s nothing else we can do
except get back into the tree stand.”

It’s difficult to explain how deep the frustration and disappointment has been. To finally have a
shot was thrilling. To finally have a shot at a buck was even more incredible. To have shot a
buck and not find it has been devastating. This hunt certainly didn’t turn out the way I had
imagined. My mom says, “Life will hand us many disappointments, but it’s how we deal with them
and learn from them that makes all the difference. When you know you have tried your
best and done all you can do, you have to find a way to be at peace with the outcome.”
That is easier said than done, but hunting is certainly teaching me some important lessons
about life. For now, that leaf sits on my bookshelf as a reminder that failure and frustration will
come in life, but we have to keep our heads up and continue trying.

IMG_5097Keeping this leaf for a while just as a reminder

  1. Brenda White says:

    What a great story of your hunt. Mr. Floyd and I are so impressed with your hunting skills. Your mom is right just don’t give up. Mr. Floyd and mrs Brenda White


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