Posted: November 10, 2015 in Hunting

My dad and I were invited to a friend’s farm* in Bertie County with the hopes of harvesting my first deer. After arriving and taking a closer look at the stands and blinds Friday evening, we realized that they were excellent set ups for hunting with guns, but not a bow. Putting up a few tree stands in various locations they told us about, put us in a greater position for success.
Hunting our stand on Saturday morning brought nothing in sight, so in the early evening we decided to head over to another stand we had set up on a spot called the Front Dip. My Dad was about 30 yards away from me in a stand across the power line clearing, so if I had a shot I would be on my own. Since this was the first time I had ever hunted alone in my stand, I was feeling a bit uneasy.
Around thirty minutes before dark I notice my Dad signaling from across the way. As I turn slowly, I spot a healthy 6-point buck heading my way quickly.

deer3 deer2

                                             My tree stand                     The power line clearing between us

Coming within 10 yards of me, I strategically grab my Matthews Chill SDX bow from the tree. Rapidly, I drew my bow and squeezed the cold trigger. Boom! With a clean strong shot, my arrow made its way through the vitals. Praying we will find him, as we climb down from our stands, we discover my bloody arrow in the ground. It had gone all the way through. Shocked at what I saw, we began to follow the blood trail which grew easier to follow with each step.

deer1                                                                     how we found my arrow

My Dad explained, “He can’t take much more of this, you hit him right in the pump station.”
As we approached a grassy area, I gazed up and noticed his white horn laying on the grown and my Dad exclaimed loudly, “There he is! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” My heart almost flew out of my chest with excitement. Taking a while for the realization of what I had just accomplished took some time to sink in. Stooping down over the deer, I thanked him quietly.

Finally, I had redeemed myself for all the missed opportunities, lost shots and lost deer of the past two seasons. Driving the deer back to camp in the Gator was exhilarating. Greeted by congratulations and hand shaking helped the accomplishment sink in. I’m grateful to have a Dad who help me accomplish my dreams and for generous friends who allow me the opportunity to hunt their awesome land.

*I want to send out a special thank you to Mr. Brinley, Mr. Picott and his family for having me at their amazing farm. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to hunt their land and now it will have an even more special place in my heart as the place I harvested my first deer.

  1. Picott Harrington says:

    Great story Culli! Mighty glad to have provided the setting for your redemption! Sharing that experience with your Dad is something you’ll cherish forever. Take care and good luck for the rest of the season!


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