JOAD Winter Indoor

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Competitions, Uncategorized


On December 5th I was at HNS Archery in Henrico, Virginia for the JOAD Winter Indoor Tournament.  This was the first tournament I’d shot in since becoming Mathews Factory Staff so I was excited. Even though my jersey hadn’t arrived, I was honored to be there shooting my Mathews Chill SDX and representing their amazing company.

Shooting early on Saturday morning meant we had to arrive Friday evening. To make things exciting, my uncle drove my dad and me up in his RV Friday evening. It was the first time we had traveled that way and it was a lot of fun sitting on a couch and watching TV while we were on the road. Thanks, Uncle Slade!!!

After shooting a few practice arrows Saturday morning, I was feeling awake and confident my new Hornet fletchings were secure and ready to go. We shot 60 arrows and I ended up with a final score of 554 taking 2nd place behind my friend Camden who came in first. Overall, it was a fun weekend and great to get in a bit more practice to prepare for Vegas because every time I compete I learn another rule or strategy that helps me in the next tournament.




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