The Lancaster Classic – 2016

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Competitions

Despite the monster snow storm Jonas that decided to reap havoc on the Lancaster Classic, we made it up Wednesday and I was able to shoot at my scheduled time on Thursday.


It was exciting day to be back in Lancaster, PA.  Meeting and watching the top archers in the world shoot was exhilarating, but shooting on the practice range Wednesday morning beside Reo & Logan Wilde was a once in a lifetime.

IMG_0422My line time was 12:30 on Wednesday, but we arrived early so I could get in some practice shots and could check out all the amazing vendors. Overall, I shot well ending up with a 580 for my age group of 11-17. I was disappointed that we had to leave early to get out of PA before the storm hit, but was able to watch the shoot off on the live stream video from home after lots of sledding time in the neighborhood. I’m happy that I was able to have the experience of a large tournament before we head to Las Vegas on Wednesday for the Vegas Shoot.

IMG_0450IMG_0428 IMG_0425

  1. Aunt Joy says:

    You GO, kiddo. Good luck in Las Vegas.


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