3 Days and 150 Arrows

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Competitions


This past weekend I was able to compete in the NC NFAA State Championship and NFAA Southeastern Region Championship. It was two tournaments, one weekend, three days of shooting at my local shop, NC Hunter’s Supply, and one hundred fifty arrows. Friday evening was awesome. Since my parents were hosting their annual chili cookoff my Uncle Slade and Nonnie (grandma) went to cheer me on. Shooting a five-spot target, I finished strong with a perfect score of 300 and hitting 56 (out of 60) X’s and broke two State records. Since it was a later than I normally shoot, I was tired but adrenaline kept me awake and alert. This competition requires I shoot from ten yards because of my age and since I’m used to shooting from twenty yards it was great to switch it up.


My Nonnie is a good sport!

On Saturday, I shot a personal best of 300 with 26 (out of 30) X’s and that wrapped up the State Championship. So, on Sunday I was shooting another sixty arrows for the Southeastern Regionals. My goal was to tie the top score of 300 with 60 X’s (a completely perfect score). When I ended up missing my goal by one X with a score of 300 and 59 X’s it was disappointing, but only for a few minutes because I was shooting with my great friend Eli. He is not only a role model for me, but a friend to share laughs with.
Managing to set two State records (unofficially at this point, until recorded) was really cool and a great accomplishment. I had a great time over the weekend and hopefully I will come back next year and do even better. With indoor season coming to a close and 3D archery season approaching, I’m off to Alabama this weekend and looking forward to some outdoor archery.

  1. John Winker says:

    Great shooting Culli!


  2. Jean Trabucco says:

    Good article. I was so happy to spend time with you! You great archer!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Aunt Joy says:

    Great job, Culli! I know Nonnie enjoyed seeing you perform.


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