2016 JOAD & U.S. Indoor Nationals

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Competitions

IMG_4758 IMG_0819IMG_0817

On the road again! That’s the theme over the past few weeks. This past weekend, I was in Snellville, GA to shoot in the JOAD and U.S. Indoor National Championships. Excited to be surrounded so many great archers, the two tournaments and three days of shooting flew by. On Friday, I shot the JOAD championship. This included sixty arrows with inner ten scoring which means the ten ring was the size of a penny and makes it very challenging. I was very pleased with my final score of 565 for the JOAD championship and ended up placing in first place for the Snellville location and third in the nation.

Saturday and Sunday brought the U.S. Indoor Nationals. I was a bit disappointed with this outcome, but had a great time. On Saturday my score was 551 and Sunday a 555 which put me in 7th place in the U.S. Nationals.

Most exciting, was the fact that I was able to stay in Georgia for another day with my friend Eli and his family to have a one-on-one lesson with George Ryals. George is an incredible archery coach who has a helped many young archers move on to become very successful. Go Hornets! Skillfully, he was able to access my equipment and form to offer some insightful and very helpful suggestions to further my progress as an archer. When you get into archery, you quickly learn how important it is to find the equipment that is best for you and it isn’t always the equipment that is most popular and expensive either.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have older friends who encourage and support me in archery like Eli and for coaches like John, George and my dad who teach and guide me as I grow and love this sport  more and more.

I’m off to Kentucky on Friday for the NFAA Indoor Championship! Last indoor tournament of the season and then it’s full-time outdoor! Bring it on.



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