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Archery Stereotypes

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Bama Bound

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This past weekend I traveled to Foley, Alabama to shoot in the ASA Pro/Am 3D Archery Tournament. When we arrived I was able to take some much needed time on the practice range. Excited to be at my first large 3D tournament, I found myself even more excited to have the opportunity to shoot with George Ryals (an incredible archery coach out of Georgia) and his students. Starting out cool on Saturday a.m. it warmed up quickly and turned out to be a warm and sunny day, but after buckets of rain previously in the week it was super muddy too. Although I started out a little rough, I finished strong enough to take 2nd place in the tournament. Since this was such a large tournament there was much to take in. Enjoying new friends and shooting a fun game of Aerial disks where you shoot foam disks in the air with recurve bows was extremely challenging, but loads of fun.

Staying at the RV park was awesome! In between all the archery, I was able to enjoy some fishing, fresh seafood and a little hot tub relaxation. I really hope to come back again next year and shoot in this tournament again because it was a great experience. However, next time, I’m going for 1st place.

The Vegas Shoot 2016

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Last week I was fortunate enough to go to the world’s largest archery tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada called The Vegas Shoot. When we arrived after a long five-hour flight we settled into our spacious hotel room and took in the sights and lights of the Vegas Strip. Not my favorite place, but it was interesting to see. On Friday, I enjoyed visiting all the vendor booths at the archery trade show. Because my favorite booth was Mathews, I spent a lot of time there. I had the opportunity to check out all their new bows and meet many of the Mathews staff including Tanya who helped me get my Mathews sponsorship. Waking early Friday morning, I was eager to get going, but my range time wasn’t until 2:30. That gave my nerves time to flare up a little. To much time to think can be a terrible thing sometimes. I shared a target with another great archer who also shot a Mathews bow. Shooting together and getting to know one another was a ton of fun. After the first day, I ended up with a score of 281. Not my best, but not my worst either.

Learning that all archers usually drop a few points off their usual scores due to big tournament jitters made me feel a bit better. Taking the opportunity to attend George Ryals class on overcoming the mental game gave me some great tips on overcoming tournament anxiety. On Saturday, I felt more at ease and shot earlier. I was ready and shot a 284 and tied for 5th place, but received 6th because the tie breakers are decided by the number of X’s you shoot. I was happy to walk away from The Vegas Shoot taking 6th place among the other skilled shooters. Since I’m planning to go back next year, I’m confident I can do even better as I continue to compete and practice my skills.

Once competition was over, I was able to finally relax and watch the world final shoot outs. Congrats to all the Mathews shooters who took top places. Overall, it was a fantastic trip. Meeting and talking to some of the world’s best archers was exciting. I especially enjoyed meeting some of my favorites like: Chris Bee, Braden Gellenthien, Reo Wide and George Ryals. I even had the opportunity to meet up with my hero and friend Lincoln Tapp of YoungWild. You should really check out his show. It rocks!


Lincoln and his friend Logan

The Vegas Shoot was a great experience that I will never forget. A special thank you to my sponsors Mathews Archery, Dead Center and Tru-Ball/Axcel. My equipment performed expertly. What an honor to be a part of your teams!

New Year Announcement

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I know it’s been several weeks since my last blog. I took Christmas off, of blogging that is, not archery! I’ve been busy with local archery events at NC Hunter’s Supply like the Santa Smack down, family visiting from Texas, adventures in the woods and collecting tree stands and trail cams for the end of deer season.

It’s with gratitude and excitement that I announce I’ll be going into the 2016 archery season with three sponsors. I would like to send out a BIG thank you to Mathews, T.R.U. ball/Axcel Archery and Dead Center Archery Products. I’m looking forward to representing them in Lancaster, PA and Las Vegas this month. That is just the beginning! It’s going to be a busy year of travel, but I can hardly wait. I hope you will stay tuned to hear more about this years tournaments and my adventures in archery.

Details about MATHEWS DRENALIN BOW LH LOADED!!!BALL® LOGO - black BackGround

Until then, Happy New Year from my family to yours!



JOAD Winter Indoor

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On December 5th I was at HNS Archery in Henrico, Virginia for the JOAD Winter Indoor Tournament.  This was the first tournament I’d shot in since becoming Mathews Factory Staff so I was excited. Even though my jersey hadn’t arrived, I was honored to be there shooting my Mathews Chill SDX and representing their amazing company.

Shooting early on Saturday morning meant we had to arrive Friday evening. To make things exciting, my uncle drove my dad and me up in his RV Friday evening. It was the first time we had traveled that way and it was a lot of fun sitting on a couch and watching TV while we were on the road. Thanks, Uncle Slade!!!

After shooting a few practice arrows Saturday morning, I was feeling awake and confident my new Hornet fletchings were secure and ready to go. We shot 60 arrows and I ended up with a final score of 554 taking 2nd place behind my friend Camden who came in first. Overall, it was a fun weekend and great to get in a bit more practice to prepare for Vegas because every time I compete I learn another rule or strategy that helps me in the next tournament.



Big Buck Once Again

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culli3On August 5, 2015 my Dad and I hit the road to Big Buck for the third time this summer. They were hosting the NC National Field Archery Association State Championship. When we arrived, everyone was wildly slinging arrows on the massive practice range. Excited to shoot my first competition with my new Matthews Chill SDX, I shot some arrow so make sure I was loose and my archery equipment was effectively tuned.  When we began the course, the cool weather soothed my anxious nerves. Since it was cooler, it was much better than the last time I had been because it was a blazing 110 degrees in early June. After shooting half a round, we stopped to have some mouth-watering lunch. Honestly, I’m not just saying that, the grilled chicken was cooked to perfection. Sadly, dropping mine in the dirt, I had to share with my Dad. Having set a goal of 550 for myself, Saturday ended with a bit of disappointment.  Although I shot a personal best with a score of 549 at the end of first day, I was ready to come back Sunday with fresh ambition.

Sunday started off with overcast skies, but warmer temperatures. Because weather can greatly effect your performance, it’s vital to stay focused. Incredibly steep hilly terrain and lots of challenging targets make up the Big Buck course.  Staying focused under those conditions takes immense focus and is physically exhausting. After diligently shooting around 224 arrows in two worthwhile days, I finished strong with a 552 for my final score and beating my own State record.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my performance at Big Buck. I know my efficient Matthews Chill SDX helped me increase my performance in such a short time, but nothing can take the place of daily practice. Although it doesn’t happen every time, feeling a sense of accomplishment after a tournament is a wonderful thing.  So I’m grateful the weekend at Big Buck left me incredibly satisfied.




Along with our great debate on which bow company is the best, my Dad and I also have a great debate about our camo gear. Recently, I purchased some Sitka gear with the Christmas money I received, but my dad decided to buy FirstLite. We have been going back and forth about whose gear was better and why for some time. It’s all in fun, but one afternoon last week I decided to run some tests and determine the winner. Yes, this is what I do in my free time.

Disclaimer: this test was only run in my bad yard during the month of May when foliage was well in bloom. I have converted the pictures to black and white because that is how deer would view the scene.

So, let’s take a look. In the pictures below, I placed the jackets in the middle of the tree under the foliage. You will see that the gear in the picture on the right stands out much more than the one on the left.

Sitka won this round. Take a look at the next group of pictures.

5 6











This was taken in my back yard. Once again, if you look to the left of the white fence you will notice the camo gear on the left, but not the right. Sitka won AGAIN! FirstLite is generally made for late season deer hunting when the leaves have fallen off the trees and the foliage is more sparse. Hunting any other time, it would seem Sitka is best. Let’s take a look at one more set of pictures.

3 2

With FirstLite on the left below and Sitka on the right, it’s clear that Sitka stands out as the winner in this test. I’ll continue to do test pictures in different terrains and seasons to determine the overall best and post my thoughts here. In the meantime Dad, Sitka wins. If I’m right about this one, I bet I’m right about Matthews being the best bow too. 🙂

4 1